Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 13 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet shared five recommendations for professors and students to further contribute to the enhancement of education quality in Cambodia and their potentials.

The premier spoke on Thursday (Jun. 13) during a graduation ceremony for 540 students of Limkokwing University in Phnom Penh.

Samdech Thipadei shared five recommendations as follows:

First, with the knowledge acquired from studying at Limkokwing University, all graduates should further pursue their studies in specialized skills to maximize their potential and evolve into digital and global youth in their respective fields. This will enhance the benefits of digital transformation and aid in building Cambodia's new model of economic growth centred on skills, technology, and innovation.

Second, Samdech Thipadei urged all professors to continue to develop their capacity and enhance their scientific research in their respective fields of expertise to improve the effectiveness of teaching and to link theory to practical application and practice. The knowledge gained from this research should be widely shared for the benefit of the nation and the people.

Third, Samdech Thipadei encouraged public and private higher education institutions to continue updating the curriculum in line with the needs of the labour market and to develop new curricula to ensure the quality of training, with a greater focus on knowledge and skills related to technology and digitalization in the context of economic and social growth, labour market competition, globalization, and global evolution.

Fourth, Samdech Thipadei encouraged higher education institutions, both public and private, to increase collaboration with educational institutions and national-international research institutes for joint research, research experience, and exchange study visit to transfer knowledge and practical experience with the goal of improving the quality of education, training, and research.

Fifth, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, development partners, the private sector, and all relevant agencies shall collaborate and continue to improve the education and training sector through modernization, governance, management, provision of high-quality teaching services, and continuous efforts and shall develop capacity and focus on youth resources which will establish a robust and capable pillar.