Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 10 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet stated that officials who are recruited but avoid local assignments and gather in Phnom Penh create an imbalance. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit officials professionally, ensuring they have specific skills to serve the people effectively at the local level, particularly to reduce state costs.

The premier spoke on Monday morning (Jun. 10) at the closing of 2023 and opening of 2024 training courses of the Royal School of Administration in Phnom Penh.

At the same time, Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet underlined that Cambodian youth aspiring to become civil servants must invest in hard work, education, and their abilities, rather than relying on party affiliations. The seventh-mandate Royal Government aims to reform the civil service by selecting civil servants based on meritocracy, fairness, justice, and environmental considerations, making this a top priority.

Samdech Thipadei added that civil servants must start with self-confidence, not financial investment. They need to invest their energy, physical strength, and hard work into learning, not into finding money to bribe.

On the occasion, Samdech Thipadei underlined the importance of recruiting competent officials with suitable skills for their roles. For instance, agricultural positions should be filled by individuals with expertise in agriculture, not civil engineering. This approach ensures that officers are equipped to effectively carry out their assigned responsibilities.

"At the local level, many offices still lack officers, yet we lack sufficient personnel to effectively fill these roles. Therefore, proper selection is crucial to ensure efficiency," Samdech Thipadei added.

Recruiting officials for tasks they are not trained for leads to the loss of national budget resources and human resources, the premier added. In some cases, non-professional officers are sent to train people, resulting in excess officials who do not have the opportunity to work full time or serve the people effectively, causing significant losses for the government.

In addition, Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet underlined that the Royal Government has set conditions for the selection of candidates to ensure the recruitment of professional officers to effectively meet the needs of the people at the local level.