Phnom Penh (FN), May 17 – Fresh News, Cambodia’s leading news agency, celebrated its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, 15 May 2024.

"Fresh News, Not Silent, Keep Moving" is a slogan set out by Lim Chea Vutha, Founder and CEO of Fresh News.

During the event, Lim Chea Vutha, Founder and CEO of Fresh News, addressed the staff, saying, "We have been journeying together for 10 years, and we will continue to grow together for many years to come, thanks to our solidarity. It is due to the dedication of both the management and staff that we have achieved our current success, making Fresh News one of the leading news channels in Cambodia."

Lim Chea Vutha added that Fresh News’ success would not have been possible without the contributions from everyone at Fresh News. He believed that the employee’s spirit of unity and love for their works will make Fresh News’ community grow and stand stronger among competitors.

On the occasion of Fresh News’ 10th anniversary, Vutha thanked staffs, partners, and readers for supporting and trusting Fresh News. He also thanked the government, political parties, armed forces of all levels, and civil society groups for their collaborations to offer accurate and trustful and verified sources to Fresh News.

On behalf of Fresh News, the CEO apologises for all unintentional mistakes occurred over past years. He commits to fix all the unintentional errors and strive to enhance his capacity to serve in media sector.

During the celebration, Fresh News employees also had a chance to draw to win more than 50 prizes. These prizes included 2 motorcycles, an Apple computer, an iPhone 15, a Smart TV, as well as cash prizes of USD1,000 and USD500, among other significant rewards.

Fresh News was officially launched on 15 May 2014, using advanced technology to notify audiences with breaking news. Readers can receive instant news on smartphones and other devices such as iPads and tablets just by installing Fresh News app. Fresh News pledges to timely disseminate correct information to citizens to follow up with local and international events.

In December 2020, Fresh News inaugurate the new headquarters, located in Reussey Keo district, Phnom Penh. Currently, Fresh News has a broad range of channels, broadcasting in domestic and international:

1. Fresh News TV
2. Fresh News App
3. Fresh News Facebook
4. Fresh News TV Facebook
5. Fresh News YouTube
6. Fresh News Telegram
7. Fresh News TikTok
8. Fresh News Plus
9. Fresh News Website
10. Fresh News Radio
11. Fresh News Smart TV
12. Fresh News English
13. Fresh News Chinese.