Phnom Penh (FN), May 16 – Cambodian President of the National Assembly Khuon Sudary received a courtesy called by EU Ambassador to Cambodian Igor Driesmans on Wednesday morning (May 15) at the National Assembly.

Ambassador Driesmans congratulated Khuon Sudary on her recent appointment as the President of the National Assembly and noted that she is the first Cambodian woman to hold this position. He expressed his hope that under her leadership, the Cambodian National Assembly would strengthen and deepen cooperation with the EU, benefiting both nations and their peoples.

The EU ambassador informed the National Assembly president that the EU would elect new members of parliament in June. He expressed hope that the European Parliament and the National Assembly of Cambodia would develop better and deeper cooperation. Ambassador Driesmans also highlighted the important role of the National Assembly in leading the nation, noting that its members are elected by the citizens.

For her part, President Khuon Sudary warmly welcomed Ambassador Driesmans and his delegation. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the EU for its technical and financial assistance, which has significantly contributed to the peace and development of Cambodia from the past to the present. On this occasion, she also thanked the EU for supporting the Joint European Development Cooperation Strategy (JES) for 2021-2027, with a total amount of 155 million euros, focusing on green development and green jobs, education and skills development, and governance.

Additionally, the NA president noted that Cambodia and the EU have established diplomatic relations since the 1990s, based on mutual respect, trust, understanding, and benefits. She underlined that the National Assembly of Cambodia is always open to discussions and cooperation with the European Embassy in promoting mutual cooperation for mutual benefits. The meeting was held in a candid and cordial atmosphere, addressing global challenges in the context of conflict, geopolitical competition, public health issues, climate change, and pandemic outbreaks. Both sides highly valued the importance of strengthening pluralism and promoting cooperation in this complex context.

On this occasion, the NA president requested the EU to continue supporting Cambodia's development in areas such as agriculture, healthcare, education, gender equality, human resource development, investment, and tourism. She also mentioned the reform of the National Assembly into a digital National Assembly to serve the people more effectively. Furthermore, she informed the ambassador that among the ten committees of the National Assembly, there is one committee dedicated to human rights, which is significant for addressing citizens' requests. She noted that in many parliaments worldwide, there is no equivalent to Cambodia's human rights commission. The NA president pointed out that Cambodia supports the Global Gateway project, which focuses on "Green Education and Digital Jobs" and aims to attract investment to help Cambodia become a prosperous country and benefit Cambodian youth.

The ambassador once again reiterated the fruitful results of good relations between Cambodia and the EU in various areas, including trade, investment, and people-to-people ties. He also expressed his commitment to promoting cooperation between Cambodia and the EU during his tenure.