1. Ukraine's gunners are firing sparingly on advancing Russian forces along the eastern front as they await fresh ammunition after the U.S. approved $61 billion in new aid.

2. Police forcibly removed scores of pro-Palestinian demonstrators at several U.S. colleges after they set up encampments and occupied campus buildings.

3. Israel’s threatened incursion into Rafah would put the lives of hundreds of thousands of Gazans at risk and strike a huge blow on aid operations.

4. Trump said he would fight "anti-white feeling" in the United States if he wins a second term as president.

5. Austria wants fresh efforts to regulate the use of AI in weapons systems, fearing that "killer robots" could harm people without human intervention.

6. The U.S. Department of Agriculture found no H5N1 bird-flu virus in samples of ground beef that it collected from retail outlets in states where dairy-cattle herds tested positive.