Phnom Penh (FN), May. 3 – Cambodian Prime Minister, Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet urged individuals in the role of journalists, whether licensed or not, to be willing to provide accurate information to all viewers. They should refrain from assuming the roles of a court or a judge.

The premier spoke on Friday (May 3) during the 6th meeting with journalists at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Samdech Thipadei underscored, "I urge you in your role as a journalist, whether licensed or unlicensed, it is our desire to provide genuine information from all perspectives. However, at times, we may not have every detail. I encourage acting as a journalist, not as a judge."

On the occasion, Prime Minister Hun Manet added that it is essential to conduct thorough research from all angles before making conclusions. This investigative approach, encompassing various forms and perspectives, is encouraged for broadcasting.

Samdech Thipadei also urged all journalists to maintain a clear and ethical stance, whether reporting positive or negative information, and to strive for thoroughness in their investigations.