Phnom Penh (FN), May 3 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet said that the press is the fourth power, and if utilized accurately, it plays a crucial role in the nation's development, maintaining peace, stability, empowering citizens in decision-making, and facilitating effective governance.

The premier spoke on Friday (May 3) during the 6th meeting with journalists at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"The press is the fourth power that, if used accurately, is very crucial for the development of the nation, maintaining peace, stability and empowering the people to make decisions, and that the Royal Government is able to introduce effective measures," the premier underscored.

On the occasion, Samdech Thipadei continued that the Royal Government pledged to enhance press freedom and expression in accordance with Cambodia's Constitutional law.

The premier added that the three branches of government—legislature, executive, and judiciary—are collectively responsible for protecting citizens and developing the nation, with the press serving as a crucial watchdog to ensure accountability and citizen service.

Meanwhile, Premier Hun Manet stressed that freedom of expression is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens, especially in the digital age, where the dissemination of information is widespread, making the role of the press even more significant.

In addition, the premier also highlighted the importance of accurate, timely, and comprehensive information for the effective functioning of the Royal Government, ministries, and institutions at both national and sub-national levels.