Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 5 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen expressed his satisfaction with women’s capacity development in Cambodia, especially female entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the family, society, and the national economy.

The premier spoke on Monday morning (June 5) during a graduation ceremony for students of the Royal University of Law and Economics.

"We should not ignore the investment in women. Currently, I am proud to see a gathering of women entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs. We observe that women play a crucial role in the economy. Importantly, women do not depend on husbands' income as they have the ability to earn on their own," the premier underscored.

"We must highly encourage women to receive vocational training," the premier added.

It should be noted that the Royal Government is providing training to 1.5 million poor students in order to promote vocational training to boost economic production and attract foreign investment.