Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 17 – The Parliament of the Kingdom of Cambodia expresses to disappointment at the Resolution (2023/2589(RSP)) of the European Parlament dated 16.03.2023, which reflects the European Parliaments disrespect of the independence and sovereignty of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

"We reject the said Resolution, which in essence is a flagrant violation of the sovereign right of a member state of the United Nations. Taking into account the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and all the prevailing national laws and regulations, particularly the civil and criminal codes, we reiterate our stance in conformity with the responses and statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation of the Kingdom of Cambodia, including the one issued on 03.03.2023 which emphasized that "Crime is a crime, and it cannot be justified for other aspirations," according to the statement seen by Fresh News on Friday (Mar 15).

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