Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 1 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen called on opposition politicians and their allies to respect the people's right to participate in politics.

The premier spoke during a graduation of nearly 5,000 students of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), held on Wednesday morning (Mar 1) at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh.

The call came after opposition leaders and their allies insulted and launched a campaign on social media against eight youth groups who defected to support of CPP and government policies.

"You do not respect the political freedom of the youth. They now realize that their support for the opposition in the past was useless,” the premier underlined.

Samdech continued, while meeting with these young people in the past, he listened carefully to their concerns and desires. Samdech revealed that some of them admitted that they had fallen into the trap and had been trained in the US on how to carry out a color revolution. However, they see that the current situation of the opposition party cannot help them to act in accordance with their will, so their only way is to support the government and continue to help the environment and society.

"Their desire and freedom of choice have been insulted by some political parties. So, I can see here that those who claim to be democrats do not really respect democracy,” the premier added.

On that occasion, Samdech warned the opposition to be careful with the youth protests in response to the attacks and insults against them.