Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 20 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen told the opposition that the relationship between him and French president Emmanuel Macron was more than a state-to-state relationship. It is a brotherhood.

The premier spoke at the graduation ceremony of nearly 2,000 students of Human Resource University, held on Monday morning (Feb 20) at OCIC, Phnom Penh.

His remarks came after an opposition group activist Sorn Dara and the opposition analyzed many misconceptions, including the fact that Samdech did not attend the G20 Summit in Indonesia due to COVID19 infection and the suspension of the Water Festival, and so on.

The premier also asked for an understanding from Macron for publicly revealing their brotherhood relationship. Samdech and president Macron have exchanged personal contacts, which has elevated the relationship of both leaders.

"I and the president of France exchanged contacts to communicate with each other. The communication channels are WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal,” the premier underlined.

"We called each other by our first name, meaning I called him “Emmanuel” and he called me “Sen”, said the premier. “Our relationship is beyond that to the point of exchanging personal contacts and Macron even calls me 'brother'.”

On that occasion, Samdech also praised president Macron for his respectful attitude. Samdech also recalled his texts with Macron on 27 December 2022, which Samdech wished Macron in French language and Macron replied in Khmer.