Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 15 – Chinese ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian said that the adjustment of Chinese epidemic prevention and control policy has created favorable conditions for Cambodia’s tourism recovery and the promotion of people-to-people ties.

Chinese ambassador spoke in the press conference held at the embassy on Wednesday (Feb 15).

"As the impact of COVID19 has been reduced, Cambodia-China direct flights and tourism cooperation will be increased and that mean more Chinese tourists will visit Cambodia," ambassador Wang Wentian underscored.

According to the ambassador, China has the biggest number of tourists visiting Cambodia before the COVID19 pandemic. In fact, in 2019, Cambodia received about 2.46 million Chinese tourists, equivalent to 35.7 percent of the total international tourists, and increased revenue by about USD 1.8 billion.

The ambassador added that before COVID19 pandemic, Cambodia-China direct flights were more than 70 times per week. Currently, it operated approximately 40 times per week. That means the two parties have restored more than 50 percent of direct flights.

Lastly, ambassador Wang is confident that after the official visit of Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen, the direct flights between China and Cambodia will be restored and offered favorable conditions for people to travel.