Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 15 – On the afternoon of February 14, 2023, Ministry of Commerce and Lanton Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lanton Cloud") officially signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation to promote Cambodia's e-commerce in Phnom Penh. The signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding was held at the Ministry of Commerce, and H.E. PAN SORASAK, Minister of Commerce of Cambodia, attended and presided over it. His Excellency the Permanent Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, the State Secretary and the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce's general bureaus, departments and institutes, including Dr. Li Kun, Chairman of Lanton Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd., and company representatives, about 100 people in total attended the signing ceremony.

According to this strategic cooperation, the two parties will carry out coordination and cooperation in Cambodian e-commerce through "Lanton Cloud" e-commerce platform, such as electronic payment, digital services, agricultural product export and global supply chain services, and jointly promote the implementation of the initiative "Belt and Road" and the strengthening of comprehensive and in-depth construction in related fields.

This strategic cooperation will greatly promote the development of Cambodian e-commerce and the improvement of its business environment, expand the field of e-commerce services, enhance the level of cooperation between corporate partners, expand the scope of economic and trade exchanges between China and Cambodia, and tap the core market potential of Cambodian products. In response to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's new commitment to enhance China-Cambodia friendship and cooperation, it will contribute to the establishment of the China-Cambodia diamond cooperation framework.

At the signing ceremony, His Excellency SOK SOPHEAK, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a report to the Minister of Commerce, H.E. PAN SORASAK, and all the guests present at the ceremony. He introduced that the cooperation scope of the memorandum of understanding will cover overseas promotion of Cambodian products, the "One Village One Product" movement, and support for Cambodian enterprises to enter regional and global market supply chains. In addition, he also emphasized the important goals of this memorandum of understanding and several major directions that are beneficial to Cambodia, and introduced that Lanton Cloud will provide product sales, airlines promotion, and automated service support for connection with private sector platforms, and provide services for the Ministry of Commerce Provide human resource training in e-commerce management.

Afterwards, H.E. PAN SORASAK, Minister of Commerce, delivered a speech. Your Excellency said that the signing of this memorandum of understanding is a major new achievement of the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce in the construction of public-private partnerships. It will promote the development and cooperation of Cambodian e-commerce, connect the automation system of the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector platform, and use "Lanton Cloud ”APP enhances the promotion of Cambodian products in local, regional and global markets. He emphasized that under the guidance of the Royal Government of Cambodia's "Four Corners Strategy" and the "2021-2035 Digital Economy and Digital Society Policy Framework", the Ministry of Commerce has achieved many results and will continue to develop digital infrastructure and improve it through e-commerce platforms. The commercial ecosystem, with the advantage of Lanton Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd., expands the domestic and foreign markets of Cambodian products, strengthens the protection of consumer rights, and makes digital transformation and "Industrial Revolution 4.0" bear fruitful results.

Lanton Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd., as the first fully licensed e-commerce company in Cambodia, has obtained the first "001" e-commerce license issued by the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia in 2021. "Lanton Cloud" is an e-commerce platform under the Lanmei Aviation Group, whose mission is to bring wisdom into life and make services interconnected. At present, the "Lanton Cloud" e-commerce platform - "Lanton Cloud" APP has reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese e-commerce platform and the source factory; it has realized direct sales of air tickets of China Southern Airlines and many other airlines; it can be purchased through Alipay, WeChat, ABA , Wing, etc. realize convenient payment in RMB and US dollars.

In addition, “Lanton Express”, a brand of Lanton supply chain, relying on "Lanton Cloud" and Lanmei Airlines platform, based in the "Belt and Road" economic region, is to realize one-stop service of the entire chain of material procurement, transportation, customs declaration, and distribution. The comprehensive logistics and business platform will be developed together step by step, providing enterprises with low-cost centralized procurement and high-quality distribution services.