Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 28 – Russian Embassy of Cambodia on Friday hold a press briefing on Russia’s foreign policy and developments around Ukraine.

The event was hosted by press attaché of the Embassy Rafael Iangareev and deputy military attaché to the Embassy Col. Sergei Shumilin.

Col. Sergei Shumilin said, “what is happening in Ukraine is the result of preparations by the US and its allies for the start of a global hybrid war against the Russian Federation. This is clear from statements made by unbiased Western politologists, scientists and politicians. The events around Ukraine have brought to light the push by the US to drop attempts to reinforce its global position with legitimate means, and to adopt illegitimate measures to ensure its dominance.”

“Russia stands for the creation of a multipolar world order, observance of the UN Charter principle of respect for the sovereign equality of all states. There are countries developing economically, like China and India, Türkiye, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and many African countries, ASEAN Member States. Their development potential is enormous, and they are emerging as new centers of economic growth, despite the impediment from the West,” Col. Sergei Shumilin added.