Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 19 – Cambodian People's Party (CPP) on Thursday (Jan 19) issued a statement in response to the Candlelight Party's statement which seriously violated the CPP's honor and dignity.

"The statement of the Candlelight Party released on 18 January 2022, has seriously affected the honor and dignity of the CPP who is the ruling party in the kingdom," according to the statement seen by Fresh News on Thursday (Jan 19).

"In this regard, the CPP issued the following statement:

First, as a legitimate ruling party in a liberal, multi-party democracy, the CPP strictly adheres to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the principles and regulations of democracy, to govern the country, which ensures that all citizens have full rights, freedoms, peace, security and benefits from the progress of the nation.

Second, the CPP can not accept the insults and accusations made by Candlelight Party. The CPP will do everything in accordance with the laws to protect the party from being violated.

Third, the CPP fully supports the actions of the Royal Government and relevant authorities to take immediate action against any individual who violates the law, which all nations around the globe use the same method.

Fourth, The CPP actively participates with all political parties and stakeholders to strengthen a better political environment to ensure that on the 23 July 2023 election is conducted in a free, fair, and just manner. The CPP calls on all compatriots nationwide to be united under the umbrella of the Constitution and under the cold shadow of the king as the head of state to maintain peace and develop the nation".