Siem Reap (FN), Nov. 23 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen shared five elements to realise a “harmonised security” in the region, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 9th ADMM Plus and related meetings, held on Wednesday morning (Nov 23) in Sokha Siem Reap Hotel.

The five elements are as follows:

First, promoting ASEAN Centrality, which generally refers to ASEAN's convening role, the legitimacy to set and drive agenda, and the capacity to shape and deliver outcomes.

Second, Promoting open, inclusive, and rules-based regional security architecture. The ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific is an important vehicle to realise such regional security architecture. We welcome all Indo-Pacific initiatives as long as they provide peace and development; not against any country; and support ASEAN Centrality and ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific (AOIP).

Third, strengthening people-centred and trust-based security and defence cooperation. We put security and wellbeing of the people at the centre of our security policy and international cooperation. And mutual strategic trust is the foundation of international cooperation.

Fourth, promoting comprehensive security. The COVID19 pandemic is a wake-up call for us to pay more attention to health security. Climate security is another pressing issue that we need to inject more efforts and resources. The civil-military cooperation on comprehensive security is increasingly crucial.

Fifth, promoting cooperative security. Due to rising complexity and multidimensionality of transboundary security issues and threats, we need to closely collaborate to address these issues and challenges.

Samdech would like to stress that open, frank, and inclusive dialogue and communication is the way forward to de-escalate the tensions, prevent future conflicts, and build a 'harmonised security" based on mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust, and mutual interest. We need to act together to address our common traditional and non-traditional security challenges.