(Phnom Penh): Cambodia experienced ordeals, tragedies, and destructions resulting from wars and bloodshed. The Cambodian people need peace, appreciate peace, and will protect their hard-earned peace achieved through the struggle and sacrifice of blood and lives of Khmer heroes. Especially, the people of Cambodia are grateful to peace, to the Win-Win Policy, and to the peace-founder, who liberated his nation and people on 07 January 1979 from the genocidal regime, brought a national reconciliation – from fractional armed fighting regions to a unified national government – and rebuilt the country as a prosperous society in all areas of life.

With full awareness of disastrous effects of wars, great value of peace, and rich experience in war-ending and peacebuilding, Cambodia has displayed a caring hand for her friends in the region. Under Prime Minister Techo Sen’s leadership, Cambodia in her role as the ASEAN Chair has placed a top priority on the reconciliation of the ASEAN community, particularly placing great efforts in resolving the crisis in Myanmar with a strict adherence to the five principles adopted by ASEAN in April 2021. Those five principles are: (1) immediate cessation of violence, (2) constructive dialogue of all concerned parties, (3) appointment of special envoy of the ASEAN Chair to facilitate medication, (4) provision of humanitarian assistance to Myanmar, and (5) allowing the special envoy and delegation o Myanmar to meet all parties concerned.

On the 43rd anniversary of the 7th January Liberation Day, Cambodian premier paid a state visit to Myanmar, bringing along a vast amount of humanitarian aid to the people of Myanmar to help with their fight against COVID-19. The Cambodian statesman met with the top leaders of Myanmar and yielded fruitful outcomes from the meeting, a great pride for ASEAN and Myanmar itself. The government of Myanmar has announced a ceasefire with all other armed groups until the end of 2022, thus easing tension and paving ways for a constructive dialogue between all concerned parties, seeking to ultimately achieve sustainable peace and national development. Cambodia’s appointment of her Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as a special envoy of the ASEAN Chair for Myanmar Affairs has earned a warm welcome and a promise of support and cooperation from Myanmar. Such caring attitudes are not only a care and support to a friend in need but also a fine implementation of the foregoing five principles that the ASEAN has adopted.

The act of sharing people’s concerns and caring for them through indiscriminatory humanitarian assistance including foods, medicines, or other supplies in time of crisis is the most appropriate gesture, in line with international humanitarian norms, and a performance of duties with the highest levels of responsibility as the leader of the bloc. The Cambodian people are profoundly proud to have their wise Techo Sen as the leader from bare hands to the acquisition of recognition, respect, and appreciation from regional and international communities.

Unless ones are extremists, small bunch of selfish and cruel politicians who exploit from the sweat, blood, and lives of people, and other than war-profiteering countries that do not value human lives, there is no one who would support war over peace.

Those who are against peace and ceasefire are clearly with an intention to destroy lives, destroy people’s livelihood, and cause harm to a society.

Those who are against humanitarian assistance, likewise, are clearly with an intention to destroy human lives, letting people suffer and perish in famine, starvation, and illness without treatment.

Other than the ones with such malicious intention, there is absolutely no other reason to oppose peace, to oppose ceasefire, or to oppose humanitarian assistance in time of need.

Truth From Homeland, 08 January 2021