Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 12 – On 12 June the Russian Federation marks its major national holiday – Russia Day. Celebrations on this occasion have been held since 1992. With the time passing by this day has acquired greater importance and more profound meaning for Russians and compatriots living abroad.

On this joyful occasion I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all Russians and friends of our country in Cambodia. This day symbolizes the memory of the great deeds of our forefathers, their victories and troubles, as well as our readiness to stand together in the interest of the Motherland, and the successes of our children and the Russia’s future generations. We pay tribute to the working persons and the bearers of traditions and culture, respect for one’s parents and families as well as for the millennium-long history.

The first years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991) were hard due to the economic turbulence and political uncertainties. Nevertheless, Russian people reaffirmed their willingness to build up the strong statehood amid the newly emerged circumstances, work on improvement of their lives, achievement of the new goals, as well as to stand for their country, its sovereign, independent and responsible approach in the domestic and international affairs. Thus, we have attained significant changes and ensured national development.

In the past three decades the world has changed dramatically. With the bipolar world order passed off, the new reality of the international relations began to appear. Nowadays the globe continues its path of fundamental perturbations with the multipolar system stepping up.

Global power and development potential is shifting towards the Asia Pacific, with cultural and civilization diversity of the world and the existence of multiple development models have been clearer than ever. Such transformations were brought by globalization, which more than ever advanced connectivity between states.

Still, the recent past years have witnessed certain twists and turns caused by arising tensions and disparity in the development and increasing competition. Another serious stroke was the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this disaster, some parts of the world have seen a blatant rise of self-centric and egoistic approaches to the world affairs.

From the Russian perspective, the current extreme circumstances caused by the disease require the collective response. Hence, in his address at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in March 2020 President Vladimir Putin called for the joint moratorium on restrictions on essentials, as well as financial transactions for their procurement.

It was stressed that creation of the green corridors free from trade wars and sanctions for the mutual supply of medicines, food, equipment and technology would ease the global fight with the pandemic. Acting in the same humane course and with regard to its rich experience in the respective field, Russia expressed its openness to cooperation in vaccine manufacturing and countering the infection. Nowadays people in Russia have the opportunity to use any of the three own vaccines with the nation-wide immunization process started in December 2020.

Bearing in mind the necessity of the combined efforts of the leading inter-state organizations and integrational associations in addressing the world problems, including the current COVID-19 infection, and further economic revitalization, our country has proposed the idea of creating the Greater Eurasian Partnership. With
the consolidated capacities of the Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN and its platforms, Belt and Road Initiative and the European partners it would be able to strengthen security in the regions of Eurasia, their economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, consolidate connections and contribute to the building of a prosperous societies around the continent.

In this respect, Russia has always regarded Cambodia as long-standing and well-trusted partner.

This year our two nations celebrated the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations. After the decades-long mutually beneficial relations based on mutual trust between the USSR and Cambodia, the Russian Federation and the Kingdom reaffirmed their close interactions and readiness to further strengthen the traditional bonds with the Joint Declaration on the Basis of Friendly Relations signed in 1995. The past decade was featured with the intense high and the highest-level contacts. Starting from 2014, then Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister of the Kingdom Hun Sen met annually during various international events, with the head of the Russian Government arrived to Phnom Penh in 2015, and his Cambodian counterpart – to Moscow and then Sochi to participate in the 20th Russia-ASEAN Dialogue Summit and have a meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Traditional humanitarian interactions have been flourishing as well, with both countries participating in the cultural moves, including the period of the pandemic when the International Marathon of Cultures was held in the virtual format.

Bilateral interactions are in progress in science, enriched with the round-tables and discussions dedicated to the diplomatic relations anniversary.

There is another aspect of this year that adds special significance to Russia-Cambodia relations. In August the Kingdom will take the coordinating position in the Russia-ASEAN Dialogue partnership, which marks its 25th anniversary and 30 years of establishment of relations between the Russian Federation and the Association. In this regard, our country supports the Kingdom in acquiring this role, as well as its hosting the 13th ASEM Summit in November 2021.

Marking this milestone year, we are looking forward to further advancement and implementation of the broad vistas of cooperation in trade and economy, science, technology and infrastructure development between our two nations. While marking the Russia Day, I am confident that with the joint efforts of our two states we will be able to realize the great potential of the Russian-Cambodian interactions for the benefit of our two peoples.

By H.E. Mr. Anatoly Borovik, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Cambodia.