Phnom Penh (FN), May 6 – Since the significant surge in community cases of Covid-19 on the 20th February 2021, life has become difficult for many Cambodians and for society as a whole. The Kingdom increased the control and monitoring of the pandemic’s spread, including the imposition of an 8pm to 5am curfew, and imposed strict lockdowns across the capital city’s districts and the provinces. The primary aim has been not only to test and control but to ensure the crucial provision of a fast and safe vaccination program.

Cambodian government is making a vaccination campaign to running against the pandemic. And Cambodia has made a big achievement for all people vaccination in Cambodia, no matter what their nationalities are. According to the official announcement from Ministry of Health, the total of 1.5 million people has been vaccinated that approximately 12.40 percent of the population which make Cambodia the quickly vaccinated countries against the COVID-19, ranked as the top 2 among the ASEAN members state.

Cambodian government are putting all the efforts for taking care not only the Cambodian citizen, but also the foreigners that currently reside in Cambodia. On April 8, The Ministry of Health issued an announcement on Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners residing and working in Cambodia, directing the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and local authorities to register them. The Cambodia government together with China Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia have set up the program to help those foreigners that faced the communication difficulty in order to get registered for vaccination in Cambodia.

Huawei Cloud has participated this vaccination registration system. Huawei’s Cloud & AI technology was brought in to ease the working-flow as well as fast time-to-market. With its advantage flexibly helped to solve the problem in no-time; within only 3 days Huawei Cambodia together with its local partners, helped develop a powerful new mobile device application that allows those foreigners to register their vaccination preference, necessary information and specific overseas locality.

Global trend toward digitalization and clouding are essential for human-being world not only in the field of ICT, but also health and education industry, as well as all other sectors. At the same time Huawei is willing to give a hand on helping everyone in the globe to build a digital world with our Cloud & AI in order to help people during pandemic period.

Huawei Cambodia’s Cloud vaccination system is the first implementation among Huawei Cloud vaccination registration systems overseas, and this is also credit to the local Huawei partners and Huawei staff in the Kingdom. The newly developed application has operated smoothly from day one without the need for specialised or complex equipment deployment. Not only has Huawei Cloud and the vaccination registration system enhanced efficiency and safety in Cambodia, but it is now set to be deployed across the region in order to ensure that vaccination processes are efficient and timely for Cambodia’s neighbouring countries.

In fact, people across the region are beginning to realise that ‘Huawei Cloud’ technologies are an important contributor to not only public health needs, but to society as a whole. The Huawei Cloud business doubled its revenue in 2020 serving sectors, such as banking, transportation, energy and many other critical industries in Cambodia, its neighbouring countries and across the Asia Pacific region.

Since its inception, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched over 220 cloud services and 210 cloud solutions earning over 80 industry-recognized security certifications worldwide. HUAWEI CLOUD operates 45 availability zones with its partners in 23 regions around the world and works with over 19,000 partners bringing together 1.6 million developers and has launched over 4,000 applications on the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace.

In March of 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD ranked second in the prestigious ‘Canalys 2020 Fourth Quarter (Q4) report on the China Cloud Services Market’ with a market share of 17.4%.