Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 18 – On 18 March 2021, Asian Vision Institute (AVI), with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, co-hosted a webinar on “Challenges in the Mekong Region: Roles of Mekong-Japan Cooperation” in a bid to synergize relevant perspectives and policy inputs pertaining to the growing essential roles of this dynamic region.

The webinar was attended by participants from foreign embassies and relevant ministries in Cambodia, think tanks, organizations, lecturers, students and other relevant stakeholders from the Mekong countries.

“The webinar highlighted that the Mekong region became one of the world's fastest growth centres, drawing the attention from major external powers namely Japan, China, India, Republic of Korea, Australia, EU, and the US. Policy inputs and recommendations to further enhance socio-economic development of the Mekong region were also shared among participants. Besides, the regional issues of common concerns and interests including the COVID-19 pandemic, water and energy management, natural disasters, global warming, and sustainable development, were discussed in this webinar. These non-traditional security issues have posed potential threats to the hard-earned peace and prosperity of the Mekong countries and the region as a whole.”

Read AVI’s press release below.