Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia is capable to produce eight million tons of cement per annum, addressing at a cement inauguration ceremony in Kampot province on Thursday.

“Now we are capable of producing eight million tons of cement, which saves us USD 500 million from imports. Our vision is to reduce imports and boost exports,” he said.

Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem said that in 2017 and 2018, Cambodia could supply cement to domestic needs, yet due to the rapid growth of construction and infrastructure, domestic production could not meet the market demand.

He said that as of the end of 2019, Cambodia has five cement factories employing 2,700 workers, with a total investment of approximately USD 800 million.

According to the minister, the newly operated Thai Boon Roong Cement Company, built on 678 hectares of land, has a production capacity of about 2,500 tons per day, or about 1 million tons per annum.

Kampot Cement, located in Banteay Meas and Dang Tung District, Kampot Province, can produce 2 million tons of cement per annum.

Cambodia Cement Chakreyting, located in Kampot province, can produce 1.1 million tons.

Chip Mong Cement Corporation, located in Banteay Meas district, Kampot province, can produce 2 million tons per annum.

Battambang Conch Cement Co. Ltd, located in Ratanak Mondul district, Battambang province, has an annual production capacity of nearly 2 million tons.