Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 16 – Former opposition leader Sam Rainsy will face a doubled maximum sentence of imprisonment for committing subsequent offense, insulting His Majesty the King, according to Kim Santepheap, spokesperson of Ministry of Justice, on Monday.

“Cambodian criminal code stated that the maximum sentence of imprisonment  incurred for the new misdemeanor shall be doubled,” said Santepheap.

Insulting His Majesty faces a sentence of one to five year(s) imprisonment, the criminal code stated. In June 2019, Rainsy was sentenced to four-year imprisonment for insulting His Majesty.

“Rainsy’s maximum imprisonment sentencing increases from five to ten years if found guilty,” Santepheap stated.

Sam Rainsy spoke in an interview with Radio Free Asia on 12 September 2019: “Our King is the hostage of Hun Sen; our king is afraid of Hun Sen, as he wants to keep his throne. We cannot expect anything from the king who is the puppet of Hun Sen.”