Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 14 – National Police Commissariat released a statement on Saturday, saying it is ready to arrest Sam Rainsy, former opposition leader, for insulting His Majesty the King.

“We are ready to arrest the traitor to process legal actions in order to protect the prestige of the King,” the statement said.

“We strongly condemn traitor Sam Rainsy for insulting His Majesty,” the statement added.

Sam Rainsy spoke in an interview with Radio Free Asia on 12 September 2019: “Our King is the hostage of Hun Sen; our king is afraid of Hun Sen, as he wants to keep his throne. We cannot expect anything from the king who is the puppet of Hun Sen.”

Article 7 of the constitution stipulated that “The King of Cambodia shall reign, but not govern. The King is the Head of State for life. The Person of the King shall be inviolable.”

The Royal Palace, today 13 September, also issued a statement to condemn convict Sam Rainsy.

In a statement dated 13 September 2019, “The Royal Palace Ministry strongly condemns Sam Rainsy, whose treacherous nature has always harmed the reputation of His Majesty the King of Cambodia, a highly revered King fulfilling a noble role of national unity and sustainability.”

The Royal Palace added that due to the noble role of His Majesty, the kingdom is enjoying peace and development under the leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia.