Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 11 - There have been a number of recent developments – the arrest of Sok Bun in conspiracy case of state’s property intrusion, the arrests of Seung Samol, tycoon Kong Kreung and a number of other forestry officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in logging cases, the arrests of officials from Pursat Provincial Department of Land Management in corruption cases, the forced expel of Seng Sovannara from Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Justice, the SPM’s orders made to Minister of Ministry of Justice to take all corruption cases to the courts, his orders to execute government’s officials and Royal Cambodia’s Armed Force members who violated Cambodia’s laws, the arrests of tycoon Kit Theang in drug case in relation to Rock Entertainment and his most recent order not to allow members of the RCAF to simultaneously hold “tycoon” title and force them to take one. These are all actions taken by the government against a number of criminals and corrupted officials and become an execution list for social justice, transparency, accountability and improved work ethics, in which the 6th Mandate government led by Samdach Techo Hun Sen decides to following his careful codes: Mirroring, Bathing, Cleansing, Remedy and Execution.

These are positive signs of the application of SPM-led government’s motto: “Internal reform and expanding external friendship based on independence spirit.” SPM Hun Sen used to warn his officials that “if we reform, there is 99% likelihood of survival, but if we do not reform, there is 99% likelihood of death.” The reform has been initiated by SPM Hun Sen since during Cambodia’s civil war so that the government were able to fully manage the country’s reconstruction and preventing the return of Khmer Rouge genocidal regime and to reach a stage of full peace and development like the present. As of now, Cambodia has enjoyed a full peace for more than 20 years – a favorable condition for the development of the country and a good opportunity to internally reform for the sake of increased work’s effectiveness and efficiency.

In this framework, the government has conducted a “deep” reform through its applications of Triangle and Rectangle Development Strategies and National Policy Program which allows Cambodia to score 7% per annum in economic growth and to reduce poverty to a rate of 10% in 2014. The strict applications of “deep” reform and the 5 codes of “Mirroring, Bathing, Cleansing, Remedy and Execution” are to strengthen the country’s rule of laws and are warmly welcomed by the national and international public.

Such serious and effective measures are not mean “to kill a chicken to scare off monkeys” but “to remove goat’s fur worn on a wolf” or “to put a wolf in a catch to not allow it to freely wander and frighten Cambodia’s people.” These are parts of a real reform for the sake of Cambodia’s harmonization in parallel to the political situation in Cambodia. Cambodia’s situation today is far different from that shortly after the collapse of Khmer Rouge regime. It is no longer a country plagued by civil wars, but instead a country with full of peace and development, a low-medium income country and on way toward a middle-medium income country in 2030 and a high-income country in 2050.

Cambodia is not a lonely nation, but a country with full diplomatic ties on a fair basis with any states in the world. Cambodia used to be plagued by wars and controlled partly by various military movements, but now has been recognized as a country with back-to-back high economic growth, with full peace, reconciliation, and unity under one same constitution, government and RCAF. Moreover, Cambodia has been active in peacekeeping missions through its dispatching of blue-clad forces to a series of UN’s valuable missions around the world.

It is a pride of the government’s reform, which turns Cambodia from a country used to be stationed by blue-clad forces into a country which sends blue-clad forces for humanitarian missions abroad. These are the results of “deep” reform issued by SPM Hun Sen.

The reform has been carried out in various sectors, including economy, governance, justice, social welfare, environment and natural resources… etc. Furthermore, for the sake of social transparency and accountability, Cambodia’s government has taken serious measures against corruption. Cambodian people’s confidence on the CPP-led government has increased since and it clearly illustrated in the 29th July 2018 Sixth Mandate Election of the National Assembly, where the turnout rate equaling to 83.2%, or 7 million voters, while CPP received nearly 5 million votes – a huge increase compared to the results in previous elections. The high turnout rate and the majority (+70%) of supporting votes for CPP show that Cambodian people see the important role and the performances of CPP in its “deep” reform. Under SPM Hun Sen’s leadership, Cambodia enjoys full development in all sectors, curbs and prevents the traitor’s attempts to bring “color revolution” to Cambodia, and safeguard peace and development for Cambodian people. The results also show how the traitor’s campaigns of “staying home to win” or “clean finger” failed embarrassingly.

Cambodian people didn’t abide by the appeal because it was an act that deems veered from democracy and an incitement which may endanger the nation. They didn’t follow the traitor’s appeal because they understood clearly that if they did follow, they would see war and social riots at the end. That is the reason why no matter how the self-exile traitor’s group incites in the new case of their repatriate on 9th November 2019, Cambodia people are not interested because they know that the group would bring nothing but riots and catastrophes to their existing peace. They demand strong actions against the ill-purpose traitor’s group at any prices.

In the faces of the threats imposed by the traitor’s group and their foreign bosses, it is necessary for Cambodian people – regardless of their social status and occupation – to be united as one with the legitimate government in a bid to prevent and foil ill intentions against Cambodia. Cambodia still rise to raise its pride’s flag and makes every effort to carry out more internal reform for the sakes of work’s strength and effectiveness and the confidence of the ordinary people, officials and RCAF. Despite facing suffered during some stages, Cambodia must continue its reform for the causes of its nation, people, peace and development for Cambodian next generation.

Reform has brought with it the development, fame and people’s confidence on the government, as well as CPP and SPM Hun Sen. SPM Hun Sen has said recently that “the result of the July 2018 Election showed that Cambodian people has given us a lot, so we must pay them back with our good deeds and services.” The self-exile traitor’s group has nothing to boast and has done nothing for the nation, except posting “fake and false” plan of their return every day in a bid to cause social riots. Reform undertaken by SPM Hun Sen-led government has increased people’s confidence on the government twice and boosted their believes that the government could push for more good results. Cambodia under SPM Hun Sen’s leadership would show its strengths in politics, economy and diplomacy, and Cambodian people are the real beneficiaries of the peace and its “deep” reform.

By Chao Chak Smok
Phnom Penh, 9th November 2019