Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 9 - Kong Bora, former lawmaker of the dissolved opposition party, already submitted request to the Ministry of Interior on 9 January 2019 re-enter politics after the amendment to political party law promulgated.

Kheiu Sopheak, spokesman of the ministry, confirmed to Fresh News earlier today that Bora submitted the request at about 3:20 p.m; the ministry also received another one this morning, adding up to two.

"I, Kong Bora, will submit a request to the Interior Ministry on 9 January to request a re-enter politics,” Bora wrote on his Facebook Tuesday.

Although Sam Rainsy appealed to all 118 former CNRP officials not to request for political rights, Bora still chose to do.

“I cannot continue with him [Rainsy] in betraying the kingdom and our people,” he added.

The amended Article 45 of the Law on Political Parties stipulated that “Individual whom the court banned from doing political activities could not create a new party, or participate in any other political parties, or be a candidate for others to vote, or do any activities to support or oppose other parties. Individual whom the court banned from doing political activities will receive absolute rights to legally participate in political activities when banning expired as determined by the Supreme Court’s verdict, or in the case that individual has been rehabilitated by His Majesty King as requested by Prime Minister in accordance with the proposal of Minister of Interior.”

Bora, and other former CNRP officials in total of 118 were banned from engaging in political activities for five years while the Supreme Court also dissolved the CNRP on 16 November last year for “attempting to overthrow the government through a colour revolution”.