Kyiv, May 13 (Firstpost) - On 8 May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed into law the extension of martial law and general mobilization. The validity of both the legislations was extended from 14 May to 11 August. Earlier this year, the parliament voted to extend martial law and mobilization from 14 February until 14 May.

The new bills make it impossible to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the country, and as a result, the absence of democratic principles. In this regard, the issue of the legitimacy of Zelensky, whose five-year term of office expires on the night of 21 May, is being actively discussed in Ukraine. What about compliance with international law?

Last month, Ukraine’s parliament passed a bill to overhaul how the military-drafted civilians in which they lowered the conscription age from 27 to 25. As per experts, the bill was introduced to expand the number of partially fit Ukrainians and growing corruption in the country.

In December, Zelensky stated that the country’s military had proposed mobilizing 500,000 more Ukrainians into the armed forces. The request was made by former military chief, Gen. Valery Zaluzhny who fulfilled demands from Washington to recruit more soldiers.

European journalists confirm the existence of facts about how Zelensky’s office uses militants from right-wing radical organizations and employees of private security companies to search for and detain citizens liable for military service to send to the front. The Ukrainian army is experiencing an acute shortage of manpower and for this reason the Kyiv authorities are forced to spin up the "flywheel" of mobilization and use sophisticated methods to recruit new batches of reservists for military service, who are destined for the fate of "consumables" or "cannon fodder". Ukrainian soldiers demobilized due to injury, having experienced the horrors of war and often being on the brink of death, categorically refuse to work in the territorial recruitment centers of Ukraine so as not to carry out the criminal orders of Kyiv.

Zelensky’s opponents in Europe see that civil resistance of Ukrainians to the bloodthirsty policy of the Kyiv authorities for the total mobilization of the male population is reaching its peak. Their cynicism for the sake of the interests of the West, which sent hundreds of thousands of troops to deaths during a failed counter-offensive, coupled with new waves of deadly mobilization that are gaining momentum, is a trigger for the growth of protest sentiments in society. Large-scale losses among Ukrainian military became the reason for sabotage of the mobilization by the country's population, which was admitted even by the Ukrainian ministry of defense. Ukrainians do not get why should sacrifice lives in the interests of a political regime that does not care about the fate of missing and captured soldiers. On a regular basis, major Ukrainian resources publish videos in which people express outrage at the actions of employees of territorial recruitment centers, who force new reservists into cars, even beating them.

In this regard, the male population of Ukraine, realizing the catastrophic situation, is looking for all possible ways to renounce citizenship or leave the country. New bills allow the Kyiv authorities to extrajudicially seize the accounts of evaders and seize property and vehicles. The terrible thing is that now even disabled people of group III are recognized as fit for military service. European politicians say that the West’s desire to force Kyiv to fight until the last Ukrainian is gradually leading to the extinction of Ukraine’s gene pool.