MOSCOW, May. 9 (TASS) — The Western elites’ policy of instigating new conflicts are an element of revanchism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square on Thursday.

"Revanchism, the mockery of history and the striving to justify current followers of Nazism are part of the Western elites’ general policy of instigating ever new regional conflicts, interethnic and inter-religious strife and containing sovereign, independent centers of world development," the Russian leader said.

Russia will do everything to prevent a global clash, says Putin. Putin calls revanchism part of Western elites’ policy of stirring up new conflicts. Russia does not allow anyone to threaten it and its strategic forces are always at the ready. 

West tries to incite global conflicts, interethnic hostility, restrain sovereign development centers, says Putin. During first years of Great Patriotic War, USSR fought alone against Nazism while entire Europe worked for Hitler. Russia does not belittle role of second front in World War II. Future of Russia depends on everyone, we must look up to generation of winners in Great Patriotic War.

Whole of Russia is with heroes of special military operation, says Putin. 

"Russia will do everything to avert a global confrontation. At the same time, we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always combat ready," the Russian leader stressed.

"Russia is now going through a difficult, milestone period, the fate of the Motherland, its future depends on each of us," he said.

"Today, on Victory Day, we realize this even more acutely and clearly and invariably look up to the generation of victors - brave, noble, and wise, for their ability to cherish friendship and persevere in the face of adversity, for their confidence in themselves and their country, and for their sincere and unselfish love for their Motherland," Putin emphasized.

Putin is confident in ensuring free and safe future of Russia and its united people. Putin congratulates parade participants on Victory Day, calls it sacred holiday.

"Dear citizens of Russia! Dear veterans! Comrades soldiers and seamen, sergeants and master sergeants, ensigns and warrant officers, comrades officers, generals and admirals! Fighters, commanders, battlefront veterans and heroes of the special military operation! I congratulate you on Victory Day, our main and truly national, sacred holiday!" the Russian leader said, addressing the participants in the military parade on Moscow’s Red Square.

"We reject the claims of any state or alliance to exclusivity. We know what such ambitions lead to," he said.

Photo from TASS