MOSCOW, May 7 (Reuters) - Russian prosecutors said on Tuesday they had designated U.S. non-profit group Freedom House as an "undesirable" organisation in Russia.

The move, amounting to a ban, could put anyone working for or collaborating with the NGO at risk of punishment by the authorities.

In its 2024 report, Freedom House assessed Russia as "not free", awarding it a Global Freedom Score of only 13 points out of 100.

"Since the regime launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, authorities have intensified restrictions on individual rights and liberties in order to stifle domestic dissent," it said.

Russia's prosecutor general said on Telegram that Freedom House was involved in promoting "the so-called 'dominant' role of the United States in the world", discrediting the Russian army, and advocating for assistance to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

Photo from the Kyiv Independent