VIENNA, Feb. 10 (TASS) - Leaders of the European Union openly threatened to undermine the Hungarian economy if its government refuses to approve financial aid to Ukraine, said Balazs Orban, the political director of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Financial Times reported on January 29, citing an internal EU document, that Brussels was drawing up a confidential plan to undermine Hungary's economy if it continued to refuse to approve funding for Ukraine. According to the article, the EU threatened to completely freeze Hungary's outstanding funds and collapse the exchange rate for the national currency, the Hungarian forint, in order to harm the Central European country's economy and impair its investment attractiveness.

"When the heads of EU states and governments talked to the prime minister by phone, they openly threatened him with these particular consequences," the official told Austria’s Exxpress news portal.

At the EU summit in Brussels on December 14-15, 2023, the Hungarian prime minister blocked amendments to the community's budget for 2024-2027 that called for allocating 50 bln euros to Ukraine. Instead, Viktor Orban proposed providing financial aid to Kiev on an annual basis with strict controls over expenditures.

On February 1, the European Union summit approved the allocation of 50 billion euro from the EU budget to Ukraine spread out over the next four years. At the same time, they accepted Hungary’s proposal and established a mechanism to control the spending of funds. In a year from now, the EU will discuss this issue again, and in two years, it will revise the amount of financial aid to Ukraine in light of its own new budget drafting.

Photo from TASS