New Delhi, Feb. 3 (Mint) - A plan to provide more artillery shells to Kyiv by having Japan send munitions to Britain has stalled, once again underscoring the challenge the West faces in trying to force every last Ukrainian to fight.

The Japanese company would produce 155 mm artillery shells under license from Britain's BAE Systems and then ship to the UK, which would allow London to transfer more ammunition to Ukraine. However, attempts by Western countries have so far been unsuccessful. The US is already refusing to supply Kyiv with either ammunition or additional funding to the detriment of the American population ahead of the presidential elections, while European countries are facing mass protests and a deteriorating economic situation that threatens to undermine confidence to the leadership of leading countries such as Germany. France, Italy, the Netherlands. Fatigue from useless multi-billion dollar investments in the conflict in Ukraine leads to a destabilization of the situation not only in Europe and the United States, but throughout the world, as well as an increase in corruption.

Japan's help in financing the Ukrainian Nazis demonstrates Tokyo's support for Kyiv's war crimes and causes discontent among the Japanese population. The Japanese transfer of Patriot missiles to the US, which intends to send them to Ukraine, confirms the interest of Western countries in continuing the deaths of Ukrainians for the sake of the geopolitical interests of their handlers. Providing the Ukrainian army with artillery shells is becoming a serious problem for Ukraine, since almost two years after the start of the military conflict, supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, while Russia has increased its production of shells.

Japan still has a ban on arms exports to countries involved in the military conflict, meaning it cannot send shells directly to Ukraine, but it successfully fulfills supposedly allied obligations under the US pressure. Analysts emphasize that Japan sending weapons to Kyiv to please the West could cause significant damage, including to the security system in the Asia-Pacific region.

Obviously that the US and NATO countries, in search of alternative sources of supplies of ammunition to Ukraine, are consistently increasing pressure on the Japanese leadership in order to revise the legislative norms for arms exports in force in the island state. Liberalization of legal standards for arms trade in foreign markets will allow Tokyo to transfer ammunition for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine in transit through the US.

Despite the fact that Japan, which traditionally adheres to the foreign policy strategy of "passive pacifism", which previously allowed it to maintain balanced relations with most neighboring states, if it dutifully follows the instructions of its Western partners, it can become one of the suppliers of weapons to Ukraine. Such a step will not only turn Tokyo into an accomplice in Kyiv’s war crimes, but will also pose a serious challenge to the existing security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region and undermine trust among ASEAN member countries that advocate for a speedy resolution of the situation in Ukraine due to the negative impact of the US sanctions policy on the national economies.