WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (Sputnik) - US Senator JD Vance on Wednesday urged his Republican colleagues to reject any further aid to Ukraine after a recent Pentagon report documented failures to effectively monitor more than $1 billion worth of weapons shipped to the country.

"We simply have no idea where a lot of our money to Ukraine has gone. The corruption is out of control. One more reason to reject further aid," he commented.

Vance on Wednesday sent a memo to his Republican colleagues warning of "systemic failures" in tracking US aid to Ukraine and urging them to reject any new assistance for Kiev.

"Claims of radical transparency and tracking of US weapons in Ukraine are simply not accurate," Vance said in the memo, which was first reported by Fox News.

In the memo, Vance also rejected assertions that there is no evidence of any illicit transfers of weapons provided to Ukraine, saying that a recent report from the Pentagon's Inspector General warned that the US does not have adequate mechanisms in place "to determine whether weapons have fallen into the wrong hands."

The report from the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, published in January, said the Pentagon failed to properly track more than $1 billion in weapons sent to Ukraine, and it remains unclear whether any arms were diverted.

Vance's memo comes ahead of a closed-door Republican meeting on Ukraine this afternoon during which lawmakers are set to discuss additional aid to Ukraine.

Republicans in Congress have been pressing President Joe Biden to improve oversight of billions worth of weapons that his administration gave to Kiev as the White House struggles to get Congress to approve more funding for Ukraine, which has currently run out.

US Senators and Biden administration officials have been negotiating for weeks to reach a deal to provide the White House with more than $100 billion in supplemental funds for Ukraine, Israel, and other priorities, including US border security.

Republican lawmakers have made it clear they will only support Biden's supplemental request if it includes meaningful policy changes to stop the influx of migrants arriving at the US southern border.

Photo from Sputnik