Phnom Penh (FN), March 12 - The world's largest social network service “Facebook” has immediately dismissed Sam Rainsy's proposal to show Prime Minister Hun Sen's private information, according to the Phom Penh Post’s article on Monday.

The proposal allegedly accused the premier for violating the principles of the social network, including the purchase of likes and threats to murder. However, Facebook claims that Rainsy's proposal violated the user’s privacy and other relevant laws.

Facebook also viewed Sam Rainsy's proposal as just a part of his own personal dispute with PM Hun Sen and his attempt for a political power.

Facebook has accused Rainsy of trying to pull this neutral company into a political conflict. On the other hand, his proposal did not contain any legal documents issued by the Cambodian court, only the newspaper article on Rainsy’s defamation case.

Rainsy's lawyers have also made allegations to Facebook. The case is now in the hands of the Northern California District Court to finalize whether they will order Facebook to comply with Rainsy's request.