Phnom Penh (FN), March 10 - Khmer civilization expert Roth Sondab said on Saturday that by using Cambodia’s flag, Montagnard’s flag and the United States’ flag during the agreement between Sam Rainsy and Kok Ksor, Vietnamese leader of the Degar indigenous group, it is clear that the Montagnard is a sovereign state, as the flag is the symbol of sovereignty and territorial integrity of each state.

The expert also denied some opinions, claiming that the Montagnard is an ethnic group in Cambodia.

The agreement is contradicted to the constitution and international law. The Cambodian Constitution does not allow foreigners to use Khmer territory. For international law, the United Nations for Refugees has the rights to decide whether a foreigner, who is a refugee to a country such as Cambodia, is recognized. If any refugee is recognized, that refugee could be sent to live in a third country.

Roth Sondab added that the word "Montagnard" is a French word, meaning "mountainous people". The French controlled Vietnam before U.S and then the U.S control South Vietnam, so it was called continuously. As a result, the ethnic group do not use the national flag as a national symbol. He questioned if the Montagnards were to live in Cambodia, why the leader of a political party used the national flag to sign an agreement with ethnic group.

In the 1970s, the Montagnards also helped to protect and hide American troops in U.S and Vietnam war. We can see that the Montagnard is American most favorable. For example, although the U.S law on drug cases is strict, the Montagnards can use it without any punishment.