Kratie (FN), March 10 – After giving interviews to several national and international reporters to clarify the relevant facts regarding a clash in Kratie on Thursday, Kratie Provincial Court prosecutor released a statement on Saturday rejecting the absolute false information.

Kratie prosecutor announced that there was no death in clashes in Kratie province's Snuol district and some individuals were manipulated to exaggerate to Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Tin Pheak, one of the villagers in Snoul district, stated that her initial report to RFA on Thursday that there were 6 deaths and more than 40 injuries was a false information, as she was propagandized by some individuals who promised to solve land issues and she deeply regretted for wrongly reporting to the RFA.

Regarding the interview with RFA, Tin Pheak added that Eng was the organizer. He gave a phone number to RFA and told her what to say.