Phnom Penh (FN), March 9 - Ney Sam Ol, Cambodia’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva has attacked a human rights report by the organisation that claimed Cambodia used legal measures to restrict freedom of expression and politics.

The comment was made during the 37th Human Rights Council session held in Geneva on Thursday.

“I wish to thank the High Commissioner for the report covering a number of human rights issues around the globe including that of Cambodia, in which the achievement in social protection and minimum wage has been praised. But unfortunately, the High Commissioner stopped short of recognising other tremendous outcomes in relation to the promotion and protection of human rights in this country,” according to the Ambassador’s statement dated on March 8, 2018.

“Worse than that, premising on unverified or incredible sources, the High Commissioner insubstantially alleged that some measures taken purely to maintain law and order, to uphold peace, stability and development by legitimate authorities including the necessary amendment of some laws are curtailing freedom of expression and shrinking political space,” said Ney Sam Ol.

“We encourage and welcome all actors to execute their rights, but rights is not absolute. The duty of individuals to exercise their rights responsibility is primarily a legal duty under international human rights instruments,” he added.

Ambassador's full statement is available below: