MOSCOW, May 7 (TASS) – Vladimir Putin will be sworn in as the Russian president for the fifth time during a ceremony to begin in the Kremlin at noon Moscow time on Tuesday, May 7.

The word ‘inauguration’ derives from the Latin ‘inauguro’, which means ‘I devote’ or "I dedicate’. This ceremony will be held for the eighth time in the contemporary history of Russia.

Putin has already taken his oath of office four times. Back in 2000, the 47-year-old candidate received the support of 52.94% of Russians, in 2004 - of 71.31%, in 2012 - of 63.6% and in 2018 - of 76.7%. During the March 2024 elections, Putin, who is now 71 years old, was supported by record-high 87.28%.

The Russian authorities designed a special inauguration ceremony by the time of Boris Yeltsin’s election for a second term of office in 1996. The procedure has seen some insignificant changes since then but its fundamental elements remain intact.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier that today’s ceremony will be held in accordance with the protocol, but with ‘certain nuances.’ Their details remain unknown.

The traditional protocol implies that the president will go to the Grand Kremlin Palace from Building No. 1 in the Kremlin where the official study of President of the Russian Federation is located. He will walk through the Halls of the Orders of St George and St Alexander of the Neva to the St Andrew’s Hall, where the ceremony will be held. After that, the head of the state will walk into the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square through the Red Porch and greet the servicemen of the Presidential Regiment who will march in formations.

By the time of Putin’s arrival to the Grand Kremlin Palace, the invitees will have taken their places in the St Andrew’s hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the stand-bearers of the Kremlin’s silent drill platoon will bring into the hall the National Flag of Russia and the Standard of the Russian President (the double-headed eagle placed on a tricolor) and then the Emblem of the President and the Constitution, on which Putin will hold his hand while taking the oath.

On May 7, the Kremlin is closed for sightseeing tours and admittance will be possible only upon special invitations. It is expected that several thousand guests will attend the inauguration, including members of Russia’s executive, legislative and judicial branches. The ceremony will be attended by members of the Russian government, the Federation Council and the State Duma (the upper and lower chambers of the Russian parliament), presidential administration offcials and governors.

The ceremony in the Kremlin is also attended recipients of the Order of the St Apostle Andrew, the holders of the Hero of Russia title, clerics from the main religious denominations, foreign ambassadors, business people, the military, scientists, cultural personalities, athletes, and journalists..

In 2018, the ceremony lasted around 48 minutes.