1. European Union leaders unanimously agreed to extend 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine, overcoming weeks of resistance from Hungary. Europe Affairs Editor Andrew Gray tells the Reuters World News podcast how this money will help the country as the war against Russia rages on.

2. Iran's Revolutionary Guards have scaled back deployment of their officers in Syria and will rely more on allied Shi'ite militia to preserve their sway there, sources familiar with the matter said. Recent Israeli strikes have killed more than half a dozen of their members, among them one of the Guards' top intel generals.

3. Tankers carrying Russian oil have continued sailing through the Red Sea largely uninterrupted by Houthi attacks on shipping and face lower risks, according to shipping executives, analysts and flows data. On Wednesday, the United States struck up to 10 drones in Yemen that were preparing to launch.

4. President Joe Biden will visit autoworkers in Michigan, where he is likely to face protests over his handling of the war in Gaza, after several leaders of the state's Arab-American community declined to meet his campaign team last week. For more election news and analysis, sign up to On the Campaign Trail.

5. Tesla will hold a shareholder vote to transfer its state of incorporation to Texas from Delaware, CEO Elon Musk said. On Tuesday, a Delaware judge invalidated his $56 billion pay package at the electric vehicle maker, calling it "an unfathomable sum" that was unfair to shareholders.

6. Nvidia has started taking pre-orders for a new China-specific AI chip from distributors who are pricing it on par with a rival product from Huawei, sources said. The graphics card, the H20, is the most powerful of three Nvidia has been developing for the Chinese market after the US expanded bans on chip exports.

Source: Reuters