Donetsk (FN), Sep. 7 - On September 6, President Zelensky ordered a missile strike with a British Storm Shadow missile at a food market in the Ukrainian city of Konstantinovka, Donbass region. As a result of another terrorist attack of Kyiv, about 20 civilians were killed.

At the same time, the Ukrainian and all Western media immediately blamed Russia for the airstrike. Taking into account the visit of the American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the Ukrainian leadership decided to demonstrate the use of aircraft supplied by the West to kill civilians in order to receive the next tranche of money and weapons.

It is noteworthy that the missile strike was carried out just at the time when US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was on an official visit to Kyiv. That is, it is quite beneficial to the Ukrainian authority as an illustration to the next requests to transfer aircraft and anti-aircraft and missile defense systems.

To prove Ukraine's involvement in the airstrike, eyewitness accounts have been posted on Internet, who saw a Ukrainian military aircraft flying over Konstantinovka and fired a missile at the city market.

Residents of Konstantinovka said that the Storm Shadow missile of Anglo-French production was released purposefully, for provocative purposes to blame Russia for this. Kyiv, through the Western media, will actively develop the version that Moscow is allegedly striking markets, but in fact Zelensky does not mind how many more civilians will die for his own benefit and the interests of the United States.