Kampong Chnang (FN), Jun. 9 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that wars are easy to start, but very difficult to end, speaking on Friday morning (June 9) during his meeting with nearly 20,000 workers in Kampong Chnang province.

The premier recalled a coup by military general Lon Nol to overthrow prince Norodom Sihanouk, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead and tens of thousands injured. Cambodia then fell under the genocidal regime of Pol Pot.

Premier Hun Sen underlined, "It is always easy to start wars. It takes only a few minutes to decide and the war will break out. However, ending the wars is very difficult."

According to the premier, after Cambodia was liberated from the Pol Pot genocidal regime, the war continued and during that time, Samdech and many other dignitaries had to sacrifice their lives in order to seek peace.

Samdech added that this younger generation is fortunate because Cambodia is no longer at war, but Samdech continues to call on the people to unite to maintain the existing peace.

Meanwhile, the premier stressed that if Cambodia does not have peace, not to mention development, even protecting lives is difficult.

At the same time, Samdech also told workers to look at the crisis and the tragedy of war surrounding Ukraine, Mali, Central Africa and Sudan, etc.

Samdech continued, as long as the Cambodian People's Party continues to lead, it will be able to protect peace at all costs.

On that occasion, premier Hun Sen continued to call on all workers and employers to work together to maintain the existing peace, so that it opens door for the Royal Government to further develop the country.