Kampong Chnang (FN), Jun. 8 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said Thailand has confirmed that there was no policy to expel Cambodian workers from the country, speaking on Thursday morning (June 8) at a meeting with nearly 20,000 workers in Kampong Chnang province.

The premier's statement came after Thailand’s election-winning Move Forward Party denied foreign reports that Thailand set a policy to expel foreign migrant workers.

“The information has been confirmed from the Thai side regarding rumors, which have circulated that Thailand planned to expel foreign migrant workers, especially those from Cambodia and Laos. It is now confirmed that there is no such policy, so we do not need to worry,” the premier underlined.

On the occasion, premier Hun Sen also thanked the Thai side for their confirmation and was also pleased with the news.

"There are also foreign workers working in Cambodia, and Cambodia has to take care of their well-being,” the premier added.

At the same time, Samdech expressed his hope that the cooperation in the field related to migrant workers, which is a compromise framework agreement within the ASEAN framework, will be protected and resolved.

Please be informed that currently, there are about 1.2 million Cambodian workers working in Thailand.