Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 5 – Cambodia has successfully hosted the 32nd Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games) for the first time after 64 years. This historical event was open from 5-17 May 2023 with the slogan of “Sport: live in Peace”.

Huawei engineers have been at the forefront of ensuring the uninterrupted provision of internet and communications during the pre-event and at the time of event initiation. Interviews with Huawei’s service engineers highlight the importance of their work and some of the challenges they face to maintain Cambodia’s telecommunications infrastructure. Nun Ravy, an engineer who has been working for Huawei Cambodia since 2008 with 14 years of experience, was assigned to handle the indispensable network for SEA Games in Cambodia. Ravy shared that after accepting this important task, he and the engineers team divided the work to two main phases to prevent and during the event.

Ravy and his team followed the professional advice from HQ and the Malaysian technical support assistant center and learned from the KEA expert. They also studied the recent case of 31st SEA Games in Vietnam to fully prepare for the first phase of the network operations. Besides the meeting internally, this engineer team led by Ravy also went to the actual locations survey for the drive test to ensure all of the locations for SEA Games had uninterrupted network operations during the initiation. For instance, they prepared the network coverage and quality insights, analyzed the coverage and quality for the main venue sites, including Morodok Techo Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Olympic Mall, RSN Stadium, Army Stadium, and Angkor Wat (Siem Reap), and proposed an expansion or COW temporary solution for the weak coverage area.

Huawei’s effort behind the scenes of this SEAGAMES launch was seen during the second phase when the event was happening. Ravy told us that he and the other key supporters in the Huawei engineering team need to conduct an internal daily meeting every day in order to prepare and send the daily network KPI monitor report to the customer, summarize KPI status, etc.

All these unknown key people need to be on standby 24/7 to ensure a smooth operation, and in case a problem occurs, they can respond quickly and provide timely on-site support to ensure a stable network so that all of the online and offline audiences can enjoy a good network experience during the largest event in Cambodia.

Increasingly, telecommunications are critical to the conduct and convenience of modern life. The network operation safety assurance is also one of the critical parts to make SEA Games in Cambodia successfully hosted. The example of Huawei’s engineer, Ravy and his team not only demonstrate the extraordinary efforts made by Huawei technical staff to illustrate the complexities of maintaining, expanding and upgrading communications, but also to ensure the uninterrupted daily operation of equipment that is almost always invisible to the public. This invisible team, led by Ravy is proud to be Cambodian and honored to be a part of this 32nd SEA Games and, hopefully, can deliver a better and brighter digitally powered future for all Cambodians.