Sihanoukville (FN), May 22 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen announced additional social protection stipends for pregnant women and their children under the age of two, speaking at an inauguration for the official use of the tire factory, held on Monday morning (May 22) in Sihanoukville province.

"Today, I would like to announce that all pregnant workers and their children under the age of two, who are in the system economy administered by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, will be supported with the additional allowance," the premier underscored.

Nowadays, the cash support program for pregnant workers and children under the age of two will receive a total subsidy of about USD190 (760,000 Riels), which will be implemented in three stages. The first stage, pregnant women are allotted four prenatal check-ups and receive a stipend of about USD10 (40,000 Riels) each time. The second stage, immediately after giving birth, the parent receives about USD50 (200,000 Riel). The third stage, after the child is born, ten postnatal check-ups are covered for up to two years, with a stipend of about USD10 (40,000 Riels) being provided each time.