Sihanoukville (FN), May 22 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that the year 2023 marks the 65th anniversary of Cambodia-China diplomatic ties and the 10th anniversary of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The premier spoke at an inauguration for the official use of the tire factory, held on Monday morning (May 22) in Sihanoukville province.

"I should clarify why Cambodia is among 150 countries and 32 international organizations that signed the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese president Xi Jinping. This initiative is in line with the principles of Cambodia's foreign policy from beginning to end,” the premier underlined.

"Since there are plenty of initiatives proposed in the Asia-Pacific or Indo-Pacific region, Cambodia shall have a firm stance on its three principles as follows (1) the objectives of the initiative shall serve peace and development; (2) the initiative must not oppose any country; (3) the initiative shall respect the ASEAN Centrality. These are the major principles of Cambodia's foreign policy," the premier added.

Samdech pointed out that the Belt and Road Initiative does not only benefits Cambodia but also other ASEAN member countries.

On that occasion, Samdech also recalled his participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative Meeting in 2013. During the meeting, Chinese president Xi announced the implementation of the initiative with a budget of USD30 billion.