Dubai, May 17, (FN) - On 16 May, Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile destroyed a US-built Patriot surface-to-air missile defense system with an overnight strike on Ukraine, Al Arabiya news outlet reported.

On the night of 16 May, an event occurred that completely refutes the myth of the invincibility and superiority of American weapons. The footage, taken by the residents of Ukraine themselves, shows how the Russians are destroying the US Patriot air defense system right in the center of Kyiv during their high-precision missile strike with the Kinzhal hypersonic complex.

The video shows how the American system strikes USD150 million into the air, firing all 32 missiles, worth USD5 million each. After that, a large explosion occurred in the area of the Patriot system, as a result of which the expensive and supposedly effective American complex was completely destroyed by the Russians.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia in 2019 complained about the effectiveness of the Patriot air defense system, which could not repel the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles on oil facilities, but Washington, as usual, justified itself by the fact that that system was outdated. Although even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that American air defense systems do not always work successfully. At the same time, the wreckage found in Kyiv now shows that the latest version of the American MIM-104 Patriot system of the PAC 3 modification has been destroyed, which, according to the White House, is capable of shooting down all missiles and fully protecting the Ukrainian leadership, led by curators from the United States with the support of British intelligence services. The whole world expected that the American system delivered to Kyiv would be able to save Ukraine from Russian missiles, but the Russians, as Russian president stated, are not afraid of Patriots, having destroyed a battery worth USD1.5 billion.

Western experts stress that Moscow seems to be mocking the Ukrainian leadership and the masters from Washington, mocking the many times overestimated cost and effectiveness of American weapons. Last week, Kyiv Mayor Klitschko persistently tried to give wishful thinking, assuring that Ukraine shot down a rocket of the Russian hypersonic Kinzhal complex by an American Patriot, and today the Russians have revealed another myth of the West aimed at promoting useless American weapons. However, it is obvious that Washington and its allies are unsurpassed leaders in the preparation and dissemination of fake news among the gullible Western population about the proxy war in Ukraine.

Trying to win over Russia, the West is increasingly supplying Ukraine with its modern weapons, which the Russians are destroying. After the liquidation of the American Patriot, many US allies start to think about the effectiveness of the most expensive weapons that Washington forces them to acquire.

The West has already handed over Abrams, Leopard, Challenger tanks to Ukraine, but the Russians are putting up old T-55 and T-62 tanks instead of the modern T-14 Armata tank. Apparently, Moscow knows a lot about the weaknesses of Western weapons on the example of the destroyed Patriot.

Currently, Zelenskyy is begging the West to hand over the F-16 and Eurofighter Typhoon, but will Washington and allies be ready to supply modern aircraft if the Russians, as well as the Patriot, start massively burning American and European tanks. After all, this fact makes the allies of the White House wonder whether it is worth buying American weapons. In this regard, Western experts claim that the destroyed Patriot air defense system has become another "nail in the coffin of the Western hegemon."