Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 26 – On 25 April 2023, the MOU signing ceremony for TUI BLUE Stardream Lake was held in Coastal City at Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. In the presence of Chea Bora, secretary of state of Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism, the signing was completed by Wang Chao, executive director of Coastal City Development Group, and Artur Gerber, CEO of TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts. Zong Lerong, the representative of China City Construction 13th Construction Bureau Co., Ltd., the general contracting company for hotel construction, also presented and witnessed the signing ceremony.

The Stardream Lake project is located in the core area of Coastal City, Koh Kong Province of Cambodia, covering a total area of approximately 2500 hectares. The overall plan for 120 hectares has been completed. The TUI BLUE Stardream Lake, which has been signed this time, is the first-launched product of Stardream Lake, covering a total area of four hectares, with a Five-star standard and 100 rooms, including three presidential detached villas and four business detached villas, as well as supporting facilities such as restaurants, bars, plantations, and beach entertainment. The hotel is planned to be completed at the end of this year and running operation at the beginning of next year. By then “TUI BLUE Stardream Lake” will become the first TUI BLUE brand hotel in Cambodia, as well as the first Five star hotel in Coastal City only 80 meters away from the beach.

Summary of guest speeches

1. Chea Bora secretary of state of Ministry of Tourism

To promote the recovery and nurture the tourism sector, the Royal Government of Cambodia has adopted the Roadmap for Recovery of Cambodia Tourism During and Post COVID19 on 30 March 2021, in which coastal tourism is one of the four pillars including, Cultural Heritage, Coastal Tourism and Eco-Tourism. On these bases, we expect to be able to receive more than 13 million domestic tourists in 2023 in accordance with existing plans and around seven million international tourists until 2026 or 2027.

Cambodia is a dynamic country with rich historical culture and beautiful natural scenery, making it a vibrant tourist destination. Especially Coastal City, where the scenery is spectacular, the white beaches and blue ocean are very charming. For travelers who enjoy exploring and seeking comfort, it is a good choice, and it is also worth increasing investment from investors from various countries to further explore tourism resources, improve tourism infrastructure and service levels. The Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia will continue to support the development of the TUI BLUE Stardream Lake and the entire Stardream Lake Tourism Town, supporting to create more differentiated and competitive tourism products. At the same time, we also look forward to exploring the Cambodian tourism market together with everyone, expanding tourist sources, providing more employment opportunities, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the tourism industry.

2. Artur Gerber, CEO of TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts

TUI Group and TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Consumers trust our brand for its high-quality products and services, excellent locations, and our professional leisure travel arrangement. And TUI BLUE Stardream Lake is the first resort hotel in Cambodia, with the goal of continuing to provide world leading leisure vacation products and services to the Asian market, serving consumers today and tomorrow.

He has mentioned that TUI BLUE HOTELS & RESORTS pursuits the DIT (do it together) principle during cooperation process, ensuring resource sharing and information exchange, to guarantee the success of hotel projects, and achieve win-win and multi win situations.

The high-quality products they provide, their strong global market influence, and their strong influence in European and overseas markets will gradually make more property owners and tourists understand and trust the TUI BLUE HOTELS&RESORTS brand, and will bring huge opportunities to the entire Asian region.

3. Wang Chao, the executive director of Coastal City Development Group

On behalf of Li Mengchen, chairman of Coastal City Development Group, I would like to express my gratitude to Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen for his leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia and for providing solid support to our company's project, as well as to the leaders of the Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism for their attention and assistance in our project.

Development plan from 2023 to 2028 of Coastal City Stardream Lake has been settle. Our company will take the tourism industry as the starting point of the project, the health and wellness real estate as the core force of the project, and the supporting commercial sector as the perpetual motivation of the project, to conduct in-depth research and development of tourism related products. Targeting to turn the area into a tourist, vacation, and health preferred destination within five years time, based on the five principles of internationalization, diversification, low-carbon environmental protection, sustainable development, and safety. Stardream Lake Project will become a flourishing tourism star in the Coastal City region, and soon shall become the most up to date tourism hotspot in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

After this ceremony, TUI Group will become one of our most important partners. While creating the first-launched "TUI BLUE Stardream Lake" Resort Hotel, we will focus on the entire 2500 hectares area and conduct in-depth research and development of tourism related products and services.

4. Zong Lerong, director of China City Construction 13th Construction Bureau Co., Ltd. Greater Bay Area (Overseas) Region, Cambodia

As the general contracting company for the construction of TUI BLUE Stardream Lake, we will leverage the advantages of the entire industry chain, fully utilize our experience in planning and design, project investment, construction and development, operation and maintenance, and property services. We will adhere to the principle of safety and quality, promote the "craftsman spirit", and promote project progress through scientific management and professional technology. In the future, we are also looking forward to deeper and closer cooperation around the Stardream Lake project, creating greater benefits for owners and partners.
Other attending representatives included: TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts Asia managing director, Huilian Duan, TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts Global Development director, Wesam Okasha, director of the Tourism Department of Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd., Paula Lora, and others guests.

Recruiting investors for 100 hectares coastal frontline land surrounding TUI BLUE Stardream Lake

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