Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 20 – Vattanac Brewery is proud to share the joy of winning two gold medals for the Krud Energy Drink and Krud Ice Energy Drink from the 2023 Monde Selection Awards in Brussels, Belgium.

Both products have undergone a series of thorough inspections by many beverage experts, paying close attention to the taste, quality and design before being recognized and awarded.

This is a new achievement for the new year, showing the great prestige of Vattanac Brewery, which always thinks of quality factors, starting from the selection of ingredients, raw materials, production process to refine drinks and beers with the international quality and taste.

Neak Oknha Sam Ang Vattanac, executive director of Vattanac Brewery said that "This achievement is not a coincidence, it comes from our commitment and attention to produce the perfect energy drinks, sports drinks and beers in order to contribute and promote Cambodia's domestic products. It is also the pride of Vattanac Brewery and we would like to share the joys and congrats to this success with all Khmer citizens.”

It is important to note that all the products of Vattanac Brewery are carefully made for the premium quality and excellent taste that are internationally recognized and have won world-class awards such as Vattanac Premium Beer and Krud Pilsner Beer were simultaneously awarded the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award in 2022. Dragon Premium Dark Beer has won two consecutive awards at the World Beer Award in 2022 for the categories of Cambodia Gold Lager Dark and Cambodia Country Winner Lager Dark from the United Kingdom. Even more amazing, Vattanac Brewery receives five more gold medals from the Monde Selection International Quality Institute in 2023 for the Krud Energy Drink, Krud Ice Energy Drink and the three V-Active Drinks.

Vattanac Brewery is a proud subsidiary of Vattanac Group, a prominent group with diversified portfolio businesses including investments in retails, real estate, industrial park, banking, golf resort, hospitality, construction material, food & beverage and education.