Siem Reap (FN), Apr. 14 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen expected that Cambodian Madison Dance will be able to break a world record with the participation of 4,999 Cambodian youths, speaking at the opening ceremony of Angkor Sankranta, held on Friday (Apr 14) in Siem Reap province.

"There will be a record-breaking Madison dance tomorrow. According to the report, we will have only 4,999 dancers. If we want 5,000 dancers, we need to have a participation from a third party who is not Cambodian. Therefore, it is limited to 4,999 dancers. I expect our youth to be able to achieve it tomorrow," the premier underscored.

In 2015, Cambodia's Madison dance at Angkor Sankranta had already broken the world record with the participation of about 2,015 dancers in front of the Elephant Camp in the Angkor Thom temple.