Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 12 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen urged further improvement of health, hygiene, and food nutrition in education institutions, speaking at the closing of the Conference on Education, Youth, and Sports, held on Wednesday (Apr 12) at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

"I urged further improvement of health and hygiene in education institutions, effective and timely response and preventive measures, as well as promotion of health and food safety for education staff and students. In particular, improving health infrastructure such as setting up health rooms, environmental standards, green schools, and clean schools, as well as promoting clean water and hygiene by focusing on drinking clean water, hand washing facilities, and toilets. Lastly, promoting food nutrition with a focus on food safety, as well as providing health education, exercise, and sports," the premier underscored.

In addition, Samdech also encouraged to continue the youth volunteer program to help the community as well as providing hard and soft skills training for young people to respond to job opportunities and social development.