Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 31 – Capt. (Navy) Vitaly Luchshev, military attache to Embassy of the Russian Federation, said that double standards have plagued the International Criminal Court (ICC), speaking at the press briefing under the theme "Russia-Cambodia Relations & other topical issues of Russian Foreign Policy, held on Friday (Mar 31) at the Russian Embassy.

Vitaly Luchshev revealed that the ICC is implementing the double standards as the tribunal helped release a man from British custody on 21 February 2023. The man was the elder brother of the ICC prosecutor and a former member of the British Parliament. In May 2022, a British court sentenced the perpetrator to 18 months for child abuse.

On 17 March 2023, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine. The Kremlin immediately dismissed the orders as "void". Russia is not a party to the ICC so it was unclear if or how Putin could ever be deported.

According to the ICC, the warrants were for the unlawful deportation and transfer of children during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has denied allegations that its forces committed atrocities during the war in Ukraine.

According to Vitaly Luchshev, issuing an arrest warrant for Putin was an act of hostility and intended to disturb the visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping to Russia.

The military attaché also called on the ICC to carry out its duties, urging the opening of investigations into Western military medical cases involving illegal organ transplants from war victims and orphans.

He added that there had been cases of illegal organ transplants by Western military doctors and exported abroad since Russia launched a special military operation on Ukraine.

Lastly, Vitaly Luchshev unveiled that, the ICC does not fulfil its role when it comes to crimes committed by the West.