Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 22 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that no one can neither weaken China nor hinder her country's growth, speaking at a graduation of nearly 5,000 students of Vanda Institute, held on Wednesday (Mar 22) at Diamond Island.

"Some people wish China to be weak, but it is impossible. China has the largest population and that no one can hinder its growth,” the premier underlined.

China's strength has brought great benefits to Cambodia and ASEAN through the exports and imports. Cambodia also received more than two million Chinese tourists before the COVID19 outbreak, the premier added.

Samdech continued, in line with the Cambodia-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the ASEAN-China FTA, and the Regional Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (RCEP), China has become a huge market for ASEAN countries, especially Cambodia

“China is a supplier of raw materials to a manufacturing country like the kingdom. The garment sector utilizes 80 percent of the fabrics imported from China,” the premier added.

On that occasion, premier Hun Sen also stated that at the beginning of 2020, he urged China to prioritize the supply of raw materials to Cambodia and that China has worked hard to fulfill such request.